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14 March 2018
To our venders and to whom it may concern:
The Apple committee has decided that we do not know how to run a craft fair even though the Trinity Craft Fair Committee started to run the craft fair in front of the old library in 1988, we then moved to the Fire house and then to the high school. We started running a craft fair, two years before the conception of the Apple Scrapple Festival.
I started helping with the craft fair in 1991, and took it over in 2004. We have some problems with venders but 99.9%. The venders that we had a problem were the ones that the Apple Scrapple committee told us we could not have in our show, the other venders have had little or no problems, most venders have no problems with us. Most of the problems come when the Apple Scrapple Committee tells me that certain venders are company type, and belong on the street. Many of these venders do not want to be outdoors, because the items being sold do not do well outdoors.
So This year the Craft Fair is being run by the library.
Charles Scott former Chairman Craft Fair
p/s they say they need the money.
Phone (302) 337-3888, E-mail